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Can Bou Play Lives A Little with Creamery Novelties 


Can Bou Play founder Amiel Mohammed (R) presents HADCO Co-CEO Robert Hadad with a jersey token

Creamery Novelties, a member of the HADCO Group, has come on board to partner with the Can Bou Play Foundation for various projects and programs all geared towards making a positive social change through the use of sport.

“Our partnership with Creamery was a novelty to be honest,” quipped CBP founder Yohance Marshall with a chuckle.

The locally manufactured ice cream company has supported various Can Bou Play initiatives in 2019 from the mentorship tours in numerous communities and schools to the migrant children coaching clinics and they have recently gotten behind the weekly Sport In Mind – Mental Health Program.

It’s a partnership that just developed organically according to Marshall.

“I think our paths were crossing with Robert [Hadad of HADCO] when I started coaching at QPCC. But it wasn’t until I invited a couple of players that got selected to go to an Atlanta United camp, to come play a practice game with us against a very well-oiled Movement Mechanics outfit, that our paths were headed in the same direction,” admitted Marshall.

“We incorporated the youngsters within the group and the game and after that was when Robert and I formally met. From that first interaction I could clearly see the passion he had to make an in impact in helping different communities across Trinidad and Tobago. “

“From there, things just seemed to grow in a refreshing and positive way.”


Co-CEO of the HADCO Group Robert Hadad recalls that moment very distinctly as well and hinted that it didn’t take long for him to pledge his commitment.

“I will never forget, the first day I took my son to play football with Yohance and Julius. We went up to play football and what a wonderful little community up at Dibe Ground,” said Hadad. “ And I will never forget Yohance going down on one knee to talk to the little boys and right there that day I decided, these people I want to be with."

“Because that to me is a little small gesture of how they think. They are bringing themselves down to the level of a little boy so they are one on one with them. These guys over the little time that I’ve met them, continue to impress me. [Can Bou Play] is definitely a great move towards making our country a different place."


Speaking at the launch of the Sport In Mind program, Hadad re-affirmed the need for similar programs and invited the corporate and civil communities to become actively involved in guiding the nation’s young people.

“On behalf of my brothers and myself and the whole Hadco team and Creamery, I would like to congratulate you all, Amiel [Mohammed] and Alex [Olton]. I really think that this is a wonderful initiative,” stated Hadad.

“You all really impressed me from the first day […] just doing an amazing job. And we’re going to continue supporting you. We’re going to continue working hand in hand with you."

“And I invite the business community to really work and see how we can make a difference. If everybody could just help in a small way, I think we can change our country. And you guys [CBP] have really demonstrated that.”

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