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Marshall and George join forces at Iceland's Kordrengir

Can Bou Play founders Yohance Marshall and Keston George have found new football homes at Kordrengir FC in Iceland's third division for the 2019 season. 

"Pen is to paper now but it still hasn’t full hit yet," said George. "Honestly it is the best feeling I have had in my career."
















The new journey at Kordrengir will mark the first time that George has played professionally outside of Trinidad and Tobago and according to the ecstatic midfielder, it is still a bit surreal. 


"A lot of people have had hopes and dreams of  playing in Europe and didn’t get the opportunity, so for me to sign my first foreign contract out here and in the full source of everything, it’s almost surreal," George  continued.

"I am still coming to terms with it. It’s the best feeling after putting in so many years of work, blood, sweat and tears. After so many ups and downs, so many disappointments to finally receive something that makes you feel like it was all worth it, is just amazing."

"Big brother" Yohance Marshall will suit up alongside George for the third season running after stints together at North East Stars and QPCC, and the experienced central defender was equally elated for George, who he considers to be his younger brother. 

"I actually have more joy for him, for Keston signing, because this is like his first contract outside of Trinidad and I know how hard he has been working over the years," stated Marshall. 


"He is like my little brother. I know him since he was like 13 or so.  I’ve seen him grow over the years and I’ve seen how hard he has worked. Unfortunate circumstances meant he was not able to break through in some places but I’m so happy for him now."

The contract in Iceland will be Marshall's first in 

Europe, but his third continent overall after stints 

in USA, Central America and Asia. 

The feeling at being able to still be afforded

these opportunities at 33 and alongside his 

friends is something that he cherishes. 

"Just happy to be playing still and to get another

opportunity to play and continue what I love to

do. Playing in a different part of the world again,

and seeing another place through football is the 

main thing."

"This experience is going to be amazing and

happy that we can experience it together."

"And I could say that same thing for Sean. This is basically both of their opportunities to showcase their talents and I'm glad that I could join them. Glad I could join them as a friend and as part of the Can Bou Play Family."

Marshall and George will have a familiar face when they begin their careers in Iceland later this month as fellow Can Bou Play Founder Sean de Silva will be a stone's through away from them in Reykjavik after he signed for Haukar FC earlier this month. 

It makes the experience even more special according to George. 

"Its no better feeling than being here with your friends," said George. 

"Signing with Yohance is almost surreal because you know in school I grew up watching Yohance and my brother play together and now to be alongside him, become team mates, become closer as friends and now this, is really special.


"He is like a big brother."

"Sean being here as well is like the whole CBP Foundation, what we have given, our time and our resources to the youth of T&T, it kinda paying back now as we all are getting opportunities to play in places that we all wanted to play in."

"Positive vibes follows positive vibes. Can Bou Play to the world!"

Marshall and George sign for Kordrengir.
Marshall and George sign for Kordrengir
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