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Founder Elton John Signs for Halifax Wanderers 

Founding director of the Can Bou Play Foundation, Elton John, has signed for Halifax Wanderers FC in the newly formed Canadian Premier League for the inaugural 2019 season.

“This one is for the Can Bou Play family,” said an elated John. 

                                                    “I look forward to the great opportunity and new challenge and thank Halifax                                                            Wanderers FC for accepting me to join. I would like to help build a new Halifax                                                        family together and also create history. " 

                                                    John will link up with former Trinidad and Tobago Senior team head coach                                                                Stephen Hart who was appointed as general manager/head coach in June 2018                                                      and another familiar face in assistant coach Derek King.

                                                    John captained King’s North East Stars team to the 2017 TT Pro League title and                                                      was eager to team up with him once again.

                                                    “I am extremely grateful to be called upon and given this opportunity by                                                                     coaches that are held in such high regard and hold such great portfolios,”                                                                 stated John. “It’s a very unique situation for me because I understand the                                                                 requirements of both Mr Hart and assistant coach King.”

“It’s a great feeling to know that all the hard work that I have put into football over the years, has not gone unseen.”

The decorated midfielder joined fellow football professionals and founded the Can Bou Play Foundation in 2018 to offer high impact mentor and education sessions across Trinidad and Tobago that uses football as a catalyst.

The organization has grown from strength to strength and conducted no fewer than forty outreaches in 2018, including overseeing the US Embassy’s Sport Diplomacy project in October.

According to John, this is just the first of many great things for the Foundation as positivity is rewarded with positivity.

“I would like to share this bit of success with my brothers at Can Bou Play – a group of the best professional footballers and administrative personnel I know.”

“It’s a group who never stops believing and sharing their time and knowledge in communities to inspire future generations and even with each other. It’s special.”  

"To know and see the impact that we are having and to see the smiles and eagerness on the children's faces like at the St Mary's Childrens Home and in Chaguanas, is like knowing that we are doing something right."

Derek King, who recently won the 2018 TT Super League with FC Santa Rosa also paid compliment to work being done by John and Can Bou Play. 

"It's a great programme using sports as a catalyst for growth and education of children. Sports and education are key in society and it works hand in hand," said King. 

"One must excel at both simultaneously and this is what this programme aims to achieve by inspiring kids throughout T&T to use these tools to be successful in life."

John will be joined at Halifax by Trinidad and Tobago goalkeeper Jan Michael Williams, Akeem Garcia and Andre Rampersad who were all unveiled as the first big wave of foreign signings for the Canadian outfit.

“Can’t wait to reunite with some of my old team mates like Jan, another great professional who I won multiple titles with at Central FC and young Garcia, "said John.

“Hoping to go there and fly the T&T flag high, while representing my community – the congo of Arima, my family and Can Bou Play and open new doors for fellow T&T players.”

Elton John’s announcement will be the first of many for the Can Bou Play Foundation in 2019. 

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