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Sean de Silva heads to Iceland

Can Bou Play Foundation director and Trinidad and Tobago midfielder Sean de Silva has signed for Haukar FC in the Icelandic first division for the 2019 season.

The former T&T youth international who played in the 2007 Under -17 and 2009 Under-20 FIFA World Cups, is currently in Dennis Lawrence’s provisional training squad in preparation for T&T’s friendly with Wales on 20 March 2019.

To say that he is elated at this new step in his career would be an understatement.

“It’s just an amazing feeling to be given this opportunity to head to Europe to ply my trade as a footballer which is something I’ve always wanted to do,” said de Silva.

                                                             “I’ve always wanted to play in Europe at some point.”

                                                             “I’m just excited to get there, get acclimatized as quickly as possible and just produce for                                                               the team to get results.”

                                                             The talented midfielder established his name at Central FC wining a hat-trick of TT Pro                                                                   League titles and two Caribbean (CFU) Club Championships and now joins fellow Can                                                                     Bou Play Founder Elton John in moving abroad for the 2019 season.

                                                             John was snapped up by new Canadian Premier League outfit Halifax Wanderers FC,                                                                     is coached by former T&T National Senior Team head coach Stephen Hart and assistant                                                                 Derek King.

                                                             “I think it’s fantastic for Can Bou Play.”

                                                             “To be given an opportunity like Elton has in Canada, which is more than deserved for                                                                     him as well, is great. We are all really, really happy for him,” continued de Silva.

                                                             “Hopefully once I do well enough, it’s going to open up more doors and opportunities for                                                               other young players who we can identify as ready to be in a professional environment to                                                                 maybe make it at the next level to provide them with that avenue to even just see if it’s                                                                   something they want to do.”

Can Bou Play Foundation’s organizational chief Amiel Mohammed, was equally delighted with the new opportunities for his fellow directors and the potential it has to open avenues  for young aspiring players.

“Elton and Sean are testaments to professionalism and being leading role models,” stated Mohammed.

“These opportunities to showcase their talent on the international stage are ones that I know they don’t take likely.”

“We set out on this Can Bou Play journey to really create more for and guide the younger generations so whether it’s by being an example by performing on the field in Iceland or opening up more doors for player development and professional contracts, its right up our alley.”

And while he may be tempted to sit back and soak in his achievements, after scoring 16 goals and notching 17 assists for QPCC in the TT Super League last term, de Silva already has his sights set on pushing the bar higher.

“On a personal basis, I want to establish my name in the league as a top player and gain interest from not only other top clubs there but clubs possibly outside of there, who look to Iceland for players.”

“I always want to keep pushing, learning and playing at the highest level. “

De Silva is expected to depart for Iceland on 11 March. Can Bou Play would be making a few more big announcements over the next few weeks regarding new members and projects but for right now, the focus is fully on congratulating de Silva and wishing him well.

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